Clark’s Selection: the Top 20 Dreamcast Games


June 26th, 2017

Posted in Features

This article is not an in-depth analysis of my top twenty games for the Dreamcast. Rather, it is simply a way for the readers of It’s Still Thinking to view the footage I’ve captured of my personal top twenty selection. Having said that, I do manage to talk a little bit about each game, but in an extremely general way so that newcomers to the Dreamcast can get a simple idea of what each game is and how I feel towards it. It is meant to be a visual spectacle that accurately portrays the look, sound, and feel of each game.

Simply put, I have created a personal YouTube channel called RetroClarity. The mission of my channel is to provide the purest quality video capture available on YouTube for all of the home console systems. I use the best available cable connection for each system (RGB, Component, HDMI, etc.), as well as an XRGB-mini Framemeister scaler and an Elgato HD60 capture card to capture high quality footage in 1080p60. Since my channel is not all things Dreamcast, I wanted to keep it separate from the It’s Still Thinking YouTube channel. I plan on doing a small series for each of my consoles in the long run, but for now I started with my favorite, which happened to be the Dreamcast (obviously).

While this video doesn’t make for a full-fledged It’s Still Thinking article, I believe it shows the future of video capture for all things on our website, and I plan to make full use of my capture tools for a major article in the near future.

Thanks for looking!